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Candidate attorneys

New candidate attorneys and their principals must ensure that the contract of articles is signed on or before the date of commencement of the articles and delivered to the relevant statutory provincial Law Society for registration, accompanied by all the other requirements (see below for contact details).

The following procedure must be followed by the Principal and the Candidate Attorney:-

It is the duty of the Principal to ensure that :

  • he/she has satisfied himself/herself that the Candidate Attorney is a fit and proper person to enter into articles of clerkship ;
  • the Candidate Attorney complies with all the requirements of the Attorneys Act, and that he has at least read the Act and the relevant Law Society's Rules ;
  • the contract is signed on or before the date of commencement of the articles and delivered to the Law Society for registration, accompanied by all the other requirements; for registration of articles form has been completed.

It is the duty of the Candidate Attorney to:

  • obtain testimonials couched in positive form, from at least two reputable persons as to his/her character. Those persons should identify themselves in the testimonials by giving their names, addresses and occupations;
  • furnish the Law Society with:
    a) his/her birth certificate or other proof of his or her date of birth ;
    b) Matriculation Exemption certificate, if the Candidate Attorney enters into articles of clerkship for a period of five years;
    c) proof that he/she has satisfied all the requirements for an LLB degree which will entitle him/her to enter into articles of clerkship for a period of three years, if he/she does not fall under (d) or (e) below ;
    d) a BProc degree certificate from which it is clear that he/she has pursued for that degree a course of study of not less than 4 years; or a degree referred to in section 2 (1) (aA) of the Attorneys Act ;
    e) if he/she was an advocate, documentary evidence that his/her name has been removed from the Roll of Advocates ;
    f) if he/she relies on the fact that he/she is entitled to be admitted as an advocate, his/her primary degree certificate, his/her LLB degree certificate and proof that he/she has studied for at least 5 years at a South African university ;
    g) proof of assistance of his/her father or legal guardian where he/she is a minor and wishes to enter into articles of clerkship. Women should also disclose their marital status;
    h) a statement that he/she has acquainted himself/herself with the provisions of the Attorneys Act and the Rules;
    i) the completed application for registration of articles form.

Where to register your articles:

For firms in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North-West and Limpopo: Law Society of the Northern Provinces:
Website: www.northernlaw.co.za
Contact Dirkie Barkhuizen at Tel: 012 338 5858
E-mail: dirkieb@lsnp.org.za  
or switchboard: (012) 338 5800 or e-mail: articles@lsnp.org.za
Precedent of a contract of articles.
Information: application for the registration of a contract of articles/service, cession and right of appearance

For firms in KwaZulu-Natal: KwaZulu-Natal Law Society:
Website: http://www.lawsoc.co.za
Contact Ms Siya Keswa at (033) 345 1304 or e-mail: articles@lawsoc.co.za
More information

For firms in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape: Cape Law Society:
Website: http://www.capelawsoc.law.za/ . Call (021) 443 6700 or e-mail: cls@capelawsoc.law.za
More information.

For firms in the Free State: Law Society of the Free State
Website: http://www.fs-law.co.za/  or call (051) 447 3237 or e-mail: prokorde@fs-law.co.za
More information.