Professional Examinations

Candidates wishing to sit for all professional examinations must register with the Legal Practice Council before the deadline of 2 February 2024. The registration for the second session will open from 3 June to 2 July 2024.
Information and registration forms can be accessed on the Legal Practice Council website here. Use the drop-down menu to scroll to ‘Examinations’.

Syllabus 2024 – Attorneys

LPC Advocates Examinations’

The examinations will be conducted in respect of: (Attorneys)

  • High Court Practice
  • Magistrate’s Court Practice
  • Criminal Court Procedure
  • Motor Vehicle Accident claims
  • Administration of Estates and drafting of wills
  • Attorneys’ Bookkeeping [Legal Accounting]
  • The practice, functions, and duties of a Legal Practitioner
Competency-Based Examinations for Admission as an Attorney

[Legal Practice Act, 2014: Section 26(1)(d), Rules 21.1 and 21.2]

First session: 13 and 14 March 2024

Second session: 21 and 22 August 2024

13 March/21 August 2024  Paper 1 – The practice and procedure in the High Court and in courts established under the Magistrates’ Court Act, 1944, motor vehicle accident claims, criminal procedure.

13 March/21 August 2024  Paper 2 – The practice and procedure relating to the winding up and distribution of estates of deceased persons.
14 March/22 August 2024  Paper 3 – The practice, functions and duties of an attorney, including the ethical duties of an attorney.
14 March/22 August 2024  Paper 4 – Attorneys’ bookkeeping.

Competency-Based Examination for Admission as a Conveyancer First session: 24 and 17 April 2024

Second session: 13 and 6 September 2023

24 April/18 September 2024: Paper 1 Statutes and case law applicable to conveyancing.

17 April/11 September 2024: Paper 2 The practice and procedure of conveyancing. Drafting of deeds, certificates, applications, consents, agreements and other documents.

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Competency-Based Examination for Admission as a Notary First session: 18 April 2024

Second session: 12 September 2024

Notarial examination syllabus (2024): available soon
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Competency-Based Examination for Advocates’ Admission Examination First session: 17, 18 and 24 April 2024

Second session: 11, 12 and 18 September 2024

17 April/11 September 2024 – Paper 1 and Paper 2

18 April/12 September 2024 – Paper 3 and Paper 4

24 April/18 September 2024 – Paper 5
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Register for the examinations

Registration for all the above examinations is with the Legal Practice Council – ensure that you register before the deadline set by the Legal Practice Council:

Please note: Candidates should report for the examination at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement thereof.  Candidates are required to, on the day of the examination, properly identify themselves by providing his/her identity document or passport. NO candidate will be permitted to write any examination if satisfactory proof of identity is not provided.
No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination 30 minutes after the commencement of the examination and no candidate will be permitted to leave the examination venue within 30 minutes of commencement of the examination.
After conclusion of the examination and when handing in the examination book, each candidate must sign the register for the paper written.

Past exam papers

Past exam papers are available for free from  LEAD: Click here

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