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In November 2018 the LSSA conducted a survey to determine the views and requirements of our young lawyers. The responses have given the LSSA insight into the work life experiences of young lawyers (for purposes of the survey defined as those under 35 and those who have been in practice for fewer than 5 years), as well as what they expect from the LSSA going forward in the form of support, training and other assistance.

The results of the survey were launched at a session at the LSSA conference on 30 March 2019.
The summary and full report can be downloaded below.

Some of the suggestions made to the LSSA include the following:
•    Free, reduced rate, accessible training
•    Set minimum salaries especially for candidate attorneys.
•    Ensure equitable working conditions.
•    Create Young Lawyer forums
•    Ensure representation on decision-making structures
•    Low or waived membership fees
•    Handle complaints
•    Assist to access work
•    Provide resources
•    Provide networking opportunities
•    Assist with practice start up
•    Provide guidance, support.

Young Lawyers Task Team

A Young Lawyers Task Team has been established to carry forward the issues raised in the survey results. The Task Team will table recommendations with the action required to the LSSA House of Constituents.

The members of the Young Lawyers Task Team are
•    Zincedile Tiya from Mthatha nominated by Nadel
•    Danielle du Plessis from Pretoria nominated by the independent component
•    Nape Masipa from Pretoria nominated by the Black Lawyers Association.

2018 Survey results

View the launch presentation here of the survey results by Nkhensani Manyike at the LSSA conference.

View the summary of the survey report here.

Download the full report on the results of the Young Lawyers survey undertaken by the LSSA in November 2018.

Please e-mail us at lssa@lssa.org.za.

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