Statistics for the attorneys’ profession

About the attorneys’ profession

There are currently some 27 200 practising attorneys and 7 000 candidate attorneys in South Africa. Attorneys are officers of the court and are registered on the roll of attorneys at the Legal Practice Council.

An overview of the attorneys’ profession
(As at January 2019)
Total attorneys31 031
White attorneys16 09052%
Black attorneys (includes African, coloured and Indian)14 94148%
White male attorneys9 19230%
Black male attorneys8 44527%
White female attorneys6 89822%
Black female attorneys6 49621%
Total female attorneys13 39443%
Candidate attorneys
Total candidate attorneys6 669
White candidate attorneys2 47837%
Black candidate attorneys4 19963%
White male candidate attorneys1 00315%
Black male candidate attorneys 1 85128%
White female candidate attorneys1 46722%
Black female candidate attorneys2 34835%
Total female candidate attorneys3 81557%
Attorneys firms
Total firms12 373
Sole practitioners10 182
2 to 9 attorneys2 084
10 to 19 attorneys75
20 to 49 attorneys15
More than 50 attorneys17
The above data is supplied by the statutory, provincial law societies.

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