Statistics for the attorneys’ profession

About the attorneys’ profession

There are currently some 29 981 practising attorneys and 5 483 candidate attorneys in South Africa. Attorneys are officers of the court and are registered on the roll of attorneys at the Legal Practice Council.

An overview of the attorneys’ profession
(As at January 2022)
Total attorneys29 981
White attorneys15 77953%
Black attorneys (includes African, coloured and Indian)14 20247%
White male attorneys9 12931%
Black male attorneys8 13827%
White female attorneys6 65022%
Black female attorneys6 06420%
Total female attorneys12 71442%
Candidate attorneys
Total candidate attorneys5 483
Eastern Cape3396%
Free State2825%
Gauteng2 62348%
Northern Cape541%
North West1653%
Western Cape68713%
Attorneys firms
Total firms15 595
Sole practitioners13 149
2 to 9 attorneys2 351
10 to 19 attorneys69
20 to 49 attorneys14
More than 50 attorneys12
The above data is supplied by the statutory, provincial law societies.

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