The Council Of The Cape Law Society Mourns the Passing Away of Judge Bonisile Sandi

It is with a heavy heart and sadness that we learn of the passing of yet another Judge whose long road to the bench meandered through the Attorneys Profession where he cut his teeth as an activist and a lawyer. This is less than a week after the passing of the late Judge Essa Moosa, who was also an attorney before he joined the bench. We extend condolences to the family of the late Judge Bonisile Sandi, his friends and colleagues.

Among many other attributes and virtues, Justice Sandi was and remained an activist lawyer. Those who resisted and waged war against the white supremacist policy of apartheid and white domination will recall that he availed his services to those who were arrested and detained for waging war against apartheid, which had been declared a crime against humanity by the United Nations Organisation. It will be recalled that in terms of Resolution 2202 (XX1) A of 1966 the United Nations General Assembly declared apartheid a crime against humanity and in 1984 through Resolution 556 the Security Council, inter alia, re-iterated this characterisation. Judge Sandi, as an Attorney, made a deliberate choice to associate himself with the struggle against oppression and embarked on an often dangerous path of making a modest but very important contribution to the liberation of the people of South Africa.

Judge Bonisile Sandi will be remembered as a virtuous man of principle with an eye for detail in his practice of law both at the side bar and on the bench. The Council of the Cape Law Society and indeed its members join the legal fraternity in mourning the loss of this activist and lawyer, at a time when his expertise and counsel would have been invaluable as we embark on the uncertain and difficult journey of transition from a past that is laced with the divisions of our history and a united future governed in terms of the new dispensation that is in the process of being shaped under the Legal Practice Act.

Issued by:
Mr Mbulelo Jolwana, President of The Cape Law Society
on behalf of the Council of The Cape Law Society
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