Statement of the BLA regarding the looting in various parts of the country

The Black Lawyers Association as part of the civil society movement in South Africa watched the callous and criminal pillaging and destruction of property with dismay and shame.

South Africans of all social and political denominations have worked hard to build a truly non-racial and democratic South Africa. Whilst there, remain deep chasms of economic inequality that ensure the existence of disenchanted members of the populace, the BLA is of the view that the best solution is to build constructively as opposed to the destruction that we are witnessing.

The Black Lawyers Association further condemns the threats and intimidation of the Judges particularly of the Constitutional Court. We would like to remind those that are responsible for these threats to our judiciary that the judiciary is an essential ingredient for the rule of law, without it the society will descend to lawlessness, even the victims of state brutality will have no protection.

The Black Lawyers Association would further like to call upon the government to do more to address youth unemployment. That will give the youth a stake in our social cohesion which in turn will prevent them from being easily mobilised to champion worthless causes.

We extend a hand of endearment and sincere condolences to the families of those who have passed on as a result of the mayhem that has overtaken the country. We call on law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to the ultimate might of the law with speed.


Prepared by: Bayethe Maswazi – BLA Deputy President