Notification issued on behalf of the Council Members of the LSSA previously referred to as the statutory component on Legal Practice Council elections

Notification issued on behalf of the Council Members of the LSSA previously referred to as the statutory component (LSSA Council members who do not belong to the BLA or NADEL).

The Council members of the LSSA who do not belong to the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) or National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) wish to declare their support of the transformation process in the legal profession in which they have been involved since 1996 to bring about the Legal Practice Act that will put in place the Legal Practice Council to regulate all legal practitioners.

The Legal Practice Council, as regulator of all legal practitioners in South Africa, has several objectives; one of which is the transformation of the profession. The non-BLA and non-NADEL attorneys of the LSSA Council are satisfied that due protection for the promotion of these rights are included in the new Act.

The Legal Practice Council will be a regulatory body not only to protect the interests of the public but also to ensure the integrity of the profession, that professional standards are maintained, and that there is strict compliance with high ethical standards.

The above-mentioned members have identified the following candidates who they believe would add value to the profession and thereby be indicated on the voters’ roll during the first election being held under the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014. The voting period runs from 19 September until 12 noon on 3 October 2018. Click here for a list of the candidates


1. Tasneem Moosa, (IW)

2. Janine Kim Myburgh, (WW)

3. Trudie Hayley Nichols, (CW)

4. Rehana Khan Parker, (IW)


1. Umesh Jivan, (IM)

2. Phaswane Cedric Mogale, (BM)

3. Mashudu Mphafudi, (BM)

4. Richard Scott, (WM)

5. Jan Stemmett, (WM)

The members believe that these candidates will ensure that the objectives and principles are promoted and not any political or organisational agendas.

Attorneys are, therefore, called upon to consider very carefully the objectives of the Legal Practice Council and the sensitive balance between the interest of the public and the profession to ensure that the profession is developing into a strong independent body of legal practitioners that can protect the rule of law and our constitutional values.

Practising attorneys are called upon to support and vote for these candidates who will adhere to the said principles and who all have been involved in years of law society or professional activities on various levels. A practising attorney may vote only for the election of attorneys. The may vote for a maximum of ten (or fewer) candidates. Voting closes on 3 October 2018 at 12:00.

Issued by
David Bekker
Non-BLA and non-NADEL member of the LSSA Council