NADEL Tribute on the Retirement of the Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, The Honourable Justice Dikgang Moseneke

1. It is difficult to pay tribute to a person of the Deputy Chief Justice’s calibre. Dikgang Moseneke’s retirement as a Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court marks a long walk from being a teenage prisoner for political reasons to being Deputy Chief Justice. At only 65 his journey is not over judging by the energy he exudes and the continued brilliance of his mind.

2. As a founding member of the Black Lawyer’s Association (BLA) and the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL); NADEL wishes to pay tribute to a true leader in all endeavours that he has undertaken in life.

3. On the occasion of NADEL’s Annual General Meeting of 20 November 2010; Moseneke paid tribute to the late former Chief Justice, Pius Nkonzo Langa and former President of NADEL by stating the following:

“Lastly we who remain know that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. We promise that we will remain true and faithful to all that you have been as a colleague. We promise to defend fearlessly the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law and the full realisation of the basic rights our Constitution affords to each of our people and in particular the most vulnerable, poor and marginalised among us. We will be very much a part of the transformation project, to make our country reflect the text and living spirit of our Constitution. Fidelity to our office, is important, not because we are, but because without it, not us, but our people will suffer. By our people, I mean the full diversity, poor and rich, white and black, female and male, urban and rural, the marginalised and the powerful all deserve our unwavering protection, which our Constitution demands us to provide. After all we are the ultimate guardians of our Constitution”

4. To address you directly DCJ, your own long walk to the freedom that you fought for and which our constitution promises, is not yet over. We know that your passion for the struggle to achieve the full realisation of the basic rights of our Constitution affords the poor and marginalised among us will continue to drive you beyond retirement as a Judicial Officer. We look forward to more freedom fighter, political prisoner esteemed lawyer, businessman, judge and leader of the judiciary.

By Memory Sosibo, Publicity Secretary, NADEL Executive Committee.
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