Nadel: The Death of Mr Mackenzie Mukansi of the Attorneys Development Fund

It is with regret that the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) has been advised of the passing of the suspended CEO of the Attorneys Development Fund (ADF).

The Attorneys Development Fund is a fund that was established by the legal profession in 2011. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support and resources to start up law firms by young practitioners, women and disabled practitioners. In a profession where young people, women and lawyers from disadvantaged backgrounds are severely disadvantaged by a lack of resources and support, the Attorneys Development Fund provides support to these practitioners and assist them to grow their practices. The Attorneys Development Fund (ADF) and the proper functioning of the organisation is essential for the transformation of the legal profession.

Mr. Mukansi, regrettably passes on when the Attorneys Development Fund is shrouded under a cloud of obscurity, as allegations of theft, fraud, corruption and money laundering were levelled against Mr. Mukansi. The amount of twenty-two million rand (R 22 000 000,00) has gone missing from the coffers of the ADF. We view these allegations as extremely serious. NADEL is of the view that the Hawks, the South African Directorate for priority crimes must be involved in the investigation. We find ourselves at a loss for answers about how such a large sum of money could go missing. Investigators can leave no stone unturned in order to get to the bottom of this crime.

We mourn the death of Mr. Mukansi as he could have provided investigators with the information required to finalise their investigations. However, the investigations over the huge loss of funds, that is to be borne out by the most disadvantaged members of our profession, will continue unabated.

BY: The Office of NADEL National Secretariat
Ugeshnee Naicker