KwaZulu-Natal Law Society Press Release: The attack by the ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson against attorney Mvuzo Notyesi

The Council and members of the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society express their concern over the attack made by the Provincial Chairperson of the Eastern Cape (Mr Oscar Mabuyani) against attorney Mvuzo Notyesi.

Mr Notyesi was acting on instructions from his client, when he brought an application to interdict the provincial conference of the ANC in the Eastern Cape. Attorneys must be able to represent their clients without fear or favour.

Mr Mabuyani’s statements against Mr Notyesi are viewed in a very serious light as it offends against the independence of the legal profession which principle upholds the rule of law and guarantees the protection of human rights.

It is for the preservation of our constitutional democracy and the independence of the legal profession that we call upon Mr Mabuyani to withdraw his statements against Mr Notyesi. We also caution leaders, politicians and members of the pubic to respect the independence of the legal profession and the rule of law.

Issued by the President of the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society, Mr Asif Essa
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