Kwazulu-Natal Law Society President Lunga Peter on the issue of racism in South Africa

Press Release issued by the President of the Kwazulu-Natal Law Society, Mr Lunga Peter, on the issue of Racism In South Africa

The KwaZulu-Natal Law Society (KZNLS) expresses its shock and grave concern over the alleged racist comments made by North Gauteng High Court Judge Mabel Jansen. It is incomprehensible that a judicial officer should make such prejudicial utterances where such office is held to the highest account in upholding our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Albeit a formal complaint has been laid with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) the KZNLS is equally concerned that the Judge’s alleged comments were only made public a year after they were made.

Whilst we have every confidence in the JSC to deal with the matter efficiently and effectively we encourage the JSC to take appropriate and immediate action against Judge Jansen even if such action should take the form of a leave of absence/special leave during the JSC’s consideration of the matter.

It is imperative that the JSC deals with this matter expeditiously in the interest of our Nation so as to defuse this volatile atmosphere of repeated racist comments under which we are all bearing heavily and against which all South Africans must emphatically stand and take measures to root out!

The KZNLS condemns racism in all its shapes and forms and aligns itself with the comments made by all those institutions and individuals who have vocalized equal disdain!