Council and Staff of the Free State Law Society mourn the untimely death of Nic Swart

The council and staff of the Free State Law Society received the sad news of the untimely departure of Mr Nic Swart, the Chief Executive Officer of the Law Society of South Africa and Director of its legal wing, Legal Education and Development(LEAD), with a heavy and sore heart.

An innovator and trail blazer par excellence, Nic was so much respected in the legal fraternity for his visionary leadership and mammoth contribution in the legal education sphere more in particular in matters of development of young lawyers and vocational training. He departs at a time when the legal profession is in transition and needs his visionary and strategic leadership more than ever. He lives behind a plethora of innovative projects that he has been working on in the development and advancement of the profession. His untimely death is not a tragic loss to his family only, but also the legal fraternity at large.

The council and staff of the Free State Law Society wish to extend their sincere and heartfelt condolences to his wife and family, his colleagues and staff at the Law Society of South Africa, and the legal Fraternity at large for the loss of their husband, father, son, colleague and friend. We can all take solace from the fact that Nic did not lead a meaningless life but one well lived and beneficial to his family and every one of us in the legal fraternity.

issued by
Cuma Tabo Siyo
President: Law Society of the Free State