Cape Law Society press release on the investigation by the Hawks

Recent media reports have highlighted an investigation by the Hawks against Mr Pravin Gordhan, the current Minister of Finance, and the speculation surrounding the motivation for the investigation.
The Cape Law Society is concerned with the effect of threats of Minister Gordhan’s imminent arrest on the country’s social, economic and political stability and on public and international confidence.

Whilst we do not comment on the merits of the allegations, the investigation or the arrest per se, we urge the Hawks, the NPA and related authorities in the criminal justice system to expedite and bring about a speedy resolution to the process while adhering strictly to the rule of law, supremacy of the constitution, accountability and other precepts of the constitutional order. This will restore public confidence and much needed stability in the various institutions of democracy and our economy.

A protracted investigation which results in media speculation about a possible arrest of Minister Gordhan will undoubtedly have severe and potentially damaging consequences for our fledging democracy and our country’s socio-economic stability which we can ill-afford at this juncture

Issued by Mr Ashraf Mahomed, President of The Cape Law Society on behalf of the Council of The Cape Law Society
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