Cape Law Society Media Statement – Halala Nomfundo Mahlangeni

The Cape Law Society dips it’s hat to Ms Nomfundo Mahlangeni for her exceptional academic achievement in obtaining a PhD in chemistry at the young age of 28 years. South Africa is thirsty for good news and we are very happy to add our voice to the chorus of congratulatory messages that are streaming continually on social media.

The President of the Cape Law Society took time off to express his words of congratulations and said “Ms. Mahlangeni is a special gift to South Africa as a young African female who has set the bar of success high and shown all her peers that it can be done. Her success is historic in South Africa in an age when our youth are fighting for free tertiary education. Let those who get an opportunity grab it with both hands and make the best of it. Her achievement has encouraged us as parents and will surely encourage millions of other young people in our country”.

We trust that our universities will be ready to encourage our young people to excel in their chosen fields, as Ms Mahlangeni was.
We call on the young people of South Africa to make South Africa and themselves proud in their respective pursuits.

Issued by:
Mr Lulama Lobi, President of The Cape Law Society
on behalf of the Council of The Cape Law Society
05 December 2017
The Cape Law Society
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