BLA: Consolidating power and advancing a revolution

he Black Lawyers Association welcomes and accept the outcome of the election results of the members of the Legal Practice Council. The BLA expresses its unreserved appreciation to all its faithful members as well as all Attorneys and Advocates who participated in this historic process in our beloved country. Analysis of the election results shows that the legal profession has high confidence in the BLA – NADEL candidates as they received highest votes. We are humbled by the support given to our members and we believe that our members will equally reciprocate by giving quality service to the entire legal profession.

Words of appreciation also go to all the officers and members of the National Forum as well as the election agency entrusted with the management of this positive development in the normalisation of the legal profession.

The election of the new leaders of the united profession took place against the background of unrelenting pessimism and criticism from the prophets of doom who would have preferred to see a retention of the Apartheid legal order. It will not come as a surprise that an attempt will be made to delay the inauguration of the new body as some have already threatened to litigate against the election process. We are ready for the challenge and remain undeterred. The new body will only function efficiently and effectively with the full support of the entire legal profession.

To BLA this election represents a total break from the past and the beginning of a new dawn as envisioned by the Constitution. The LPC is, in the medium term, faced with a daunting task to unify the regulation of both attorneys and advocates. However, we expect the LPC to organise and conduct the election of the Provincial Councils with immediate effect so that the Legal Practice Act may be fully implemented.

Hlaleleni Kathleen Matolo-Dlepu;
Noxolo Patience Maduba;
Nolitha Jali;
Trudie Hayley Nichols;
Lutendo Benedict Sigogo;
Krish Kirsten Govender;
Priyeshkumar Daya;
Janine Kim Myburgh;
Jan Stemmett; and
Patrick Miles Carter;

Anthea Platt SC;
Harshila Kooverjie SC;
Ismall Jamie SC;
Vuyani Ngalwana SC;
Grace Goedhart SC; and
Greg Harpur SC.

BLA congratulates the elected members of the LPC on the election to this important structure and wish them well throughout the tenure of their office. BLA believes that the LPC and BLA will have a good working relationship for the benefit of the profession. We urge all South Africans to accept the results and give full support to these elected men and women.

LB Sigogo
Black Lawyers Association President

082 369 2017
10 October 2018