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Election observation

LSSA fields election observation team for 2016 local government elections

Download the LSSA observer  report on the Local Government Elections.


The LSSA deployed some 300 trained attorneys on the ground on 3 August 2016, election day. These attorneys served as the eyes and ears of our citizens.

On 5 August, after scrutinising observers' reports, the LSSA said in a press release:

According to reports received from Law Society of South Africa election observers, our preliminary conclusion is that the elections were, on the whole, free and fair. ‘However, we did witness some irregularities which we will be investigating further during the coming week. All details regarding these will be noted fully in our final report to be published on 15 August 2016, and brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission (IEC).

We would like to express great respect for the degree of management and effective coordination necessary to ensure elections are run according to legislation, taking into consideration the number of voters and voting stations on election day, The LSSA commends the IEC on a job well done and recognises the important role it plays in protecting and promoting our democracy

The LSSA thanks the more than 300 attorneys who volunteered to join our team to observe and report on the elections at their local voting stations on 3 August 2016.

The 2016 election observation mission follows the success of the LSSA's 2014 election observer mission.  Attorneys attended a 5-hour free election training workshop presented by LEAD. They observed at several election stations for 12 to 14 hours on election day, 3 August 2016 and completed and submit a report the day following the elections.