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Conveyancing Task Team

Conveyancing Examination – Low Pass Rate

The historically low pass rate of the conveyancing examination has long been of concern to the organised legal profession. The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA} is determined to use all means possible to find practical and measurable solutions to increase the pass rate without reducing the examination standards.

In light of the above, the LSSA’s House of Constituents (HoC) established a task team to holistically investigate the low pass rate and to come up with recommendations to increase the pass rate. The task team has finalised their report and its recommendations have been adopted by the HOC. The LSSA is hopeful that most if not all these interventions will be in place for the September 2019 exam sitting.


HOC’s Resolutions

The following list was identified.

  • The format of the examination needs to change, so that it is written on two separate days (with at least a few days between the papers), in contrast to the current format where both papers are written on one day.
  • The order of the two papers needs to change, so that the theory paper is written first, followed by the practical paper.
  • Candidates should retain credit for a period of a few years (to be determined) for the paper that they have passed, so that they will not have to re-write that paper.
  • Past examination papers and model answers will be made freely available to candidates via the LEAD website. Click here to access the question papers, the model answers will follow soon.
  • The pool of examiners must be increased.


Mentorship Programme

In addition to the above recommendations, the LSSA is working on urgently introducing a mentorship programme, which will involve local conveyancers and organisations. A pilot project will be launched in Mthatha and Polokwane in August 2019 and the LSSA hopes to obtain the buy-in of potential mentors and mentees.