Access to Justice Week

Attorneys made their services available to provide free legal services at the service desks at courts during Access to Justice Week in August 2015. The Access to Justice Week is an initiative of the Department of Justice and Correctional Services (DoJ&CS).

Objectives of Access to Justice Week


  • provide free legal advice to members of society targeting family-related legal issues;
  • empower women and other disadvantaged persons in communities through legal advice and referral in some circumstances;
  • assist women to participate meaningfully in the justice system;
  • raise public awareness through the media and education programmes; and
  • contribute to a culture of human rights and legal literacy.

How Access to Justice Week works

The DoJ&CS selects a number of courts and advice centres for th e annual initiative. Service desks are set up at the selected courts and advice centres and attorneys (as well as members of SAWLA, DoJ and other NGOs) man the desks throughout the week. The focus of advice given to the public relates specifically to matters affecting women and children. Such as marriage (such as customary law marriages), divorce, domestic partnerships, succession and administration of estates, domestic violence, child abuse/violence against children, gender-based violence, child custody and access, guardianship, fostering and maintenance.