Updating your registration with the FIC: Information for attorneys


Existing registrations – how to update registration profile for attorneys registered on the previous FIC system

Attorneys’ firms that were registered with the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) on the previous system need to update their details on the new system, called goAML. Firms will not be able to file reports with the FIC unless their registration details are updated on
the new FIC system and approved by the FIC.

The FIC has e-mailed a new entity registration identity to all previously registered attorneys firms, called an “ORG ID”. This was sent to the Compliance Officer of the firm from the address goamlcommunication@fic.gov.za

The ORG ID replaces the “AI” registration number previously issued to the registered attorneys firm. All attorneys firms must first register a Compliance Officer on goAML. They then need to update their institutions registration details to file reports with the FIC.

To add the Compliance Officer to your institution’s profile on goAML, and to update institution information please follow this process:







  • The firm’s Compliance Officer is the first person to access goAML through the FIC website or using the link: https://goweb.fic.gov.za/goAMLWeb_PRD
  • The Compliance Officer must keep the ORG ID handy.
  • Click on “Register as a person”. Do not click on “Register as an organisation” as this will create a duplicate registration which will be rejected by the FIC.
  • Insert the ORG ID and complete the registration form for the Compliance Officer, attach the following documents:
    • Copy of ID/Passport document of the Compliance Officer certified by a Commissioner of Oaths
    • Signed authorisation letter containing the details of the Compliance Officer. If this is not attached the registration will be rejected by the FIC.
    • Click “Submit”. The details will be submitted to the FIC for approval.
  • The FIC will send an e-mail to the Compliance Officer confirming successful account registration. The Compliance Officer must then access the system by logging on to goAML and update the institutions details by making changes where necessary.
  • Once confirmation has been sent by the FIC confirming the successful updating of the institutions details, the registration is complete. The Compliance Officer will now be able to file reports with the FIC.
  • If the attorney requires the registration of further delegated users, then the Compliance Officer must communicate the ORG ID to these delegated users, so they can commence their user registration.

New registrations – attorneys firms not yet registered with the FIC

Attorneys firms not yet registered with the FIC cannot file required reports with the FIC. Unregistered attorneys firms can register successfully with the FIC by doing the









The FIC has published documents to assist institutions with the registration process. Feel free to download the following documents from www.fic.gov.za:

Consult the FAQ on the FIC’s website for more information on how to add delegated users. To confirm your ORG ID number, kindly contact the FIC.
For more information on registering you business with the FIC contact the Compliance Contact Centre on 0860 222 200.
For regular news on the registration and reporting platform and other developments affecting your industry visit the FIC’s website at www.fic.gov.za.

 Download the notice from the FIC.