NADEL press release: New NDPP brings hope of a better era

The National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) celebrates the appointment of Advocate Shamila Batohi as the National Director of Public Prosecution(NDPP).

Since the year 2007 the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has been hit with paralysing instability. The instability emanated from, amongst other things,the extraordinary and contentious changes in its leadership. Since 2007 the NPA had 4 (four) NDPPs. This is despite the fact that the tenure of any NDPP is 10 (ten) years. There have also been a number of cases before our courts which not only challenged some of the decisions of the NPA but also brought to serious question the integrity of its leaders and independence.

The role of a strengthened and independent NPA in building our constitutional democracy can never be understated. Stability in the NPA, especially with regards to its leadership, is pivotal in this regard. We congratulate Adv. Batohi on her appointment as the NDPP. We are of the view that she is a suitably qualified and competent candidate, whose tenure will bring much needed credibility and stability within the NPA. As stated in our previous statements, the task of rebuilding and strengthening the NPA does not and can never rest on one individual, it calls for a collective effort from all role players both from within the NPA and outside it. Those within the NPA should ensure that they execute their functions without fear or favour. Government, in keeping with its constitutional obligations, should endeavour to take all reasonable steps to ensure that there is no interference with the functioning of the NPA.

We take this opportunity to once again applaud the State President for setting a good precedent in establishing an advisory panel for the selection of the NDPP. The transparent process of appointing the NDPP has as a result brought about much credibility to the process and restored, to a relative degree, public confidence in the NDPP. We also commend the members of the said panel for their sacrifice and diligence in serving our country at such a critical time.



BY: The Office of NADEL National Secretariat,

National Executive Committee,

Nolitha Jali, (Secretary General)

071 689 3705