Important circulars by the Chief Registrar of Deeds

17 Dec 2019

The Chief Registrar of Deeds has issued the following circulars:

Chief Registrar’s Circular 5 of 2019, which deals with amendments to Regulation 68 and Forms JJJ and KKK. As from 2 January 2020, no certified copy of a deed may be issued by the Registrar without proof of publication of the notice prescribed in Regulation 68(1E). As copies of the deeds must be open for inspection in the deeds registry for two weeks from date of publication of the notice, an application for a certified copy can only be lodged after the two-week inspection period. The different deeds offices have different processes and practitioners are advised to also check the relevant deeds office’s circulars.

Regulation 79bis has also been amended to provide for the Registrars to inform the Surveyor General of the registration of general plans.

Chief Registrar’s Circular 6 of 2019 sets out the procedure to be following regarding the expediting of deeds.

Chief Registrar’s Circular 7 of 2019 deals with the alteration, amendment or substitution of registered sectional plans found to be incorrect.

The circulars can also be viewed here.