Establishment of a service provider in the property transfer industry

Attorneys may be aware that Proxi Smart Services (Pty) Ltd has been established with the intention to provide ‘administrative services’ in respect of transactions related to the transfer of immovable property

The prima facie view of the statutory provincial law societies, the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) and the Attorneys Fidelity Fund, is that the conveyancing process is in its entirely ‘reserved work’ and that, in the interest of the public, it should remain so.

The LSSA has engaged with Proxi Smart Services (Pty) Ltd on the matter and no agreement has been reached. The LSSA is seeking legal advice on the matter.

In the interim, attorneys are cautioned against participating in the Proxi Smart initiative and other initiatives of similar nature and are advised that those who participate in such initiatives may find themselves acting in contravention of the Attorneys Act, 1979 and the Rules of conduct of the Law Society.

Practitioners will be advised of developments in this matter as and when pertinent information becomes available.