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NADEL media statement on racism

08 Jan 2016

8 January 2016

Following the post by Penny Sparrow of the Democratic Alliance on Facebook that, among other racist things she said, it is a shame to be black, many South Africans have expressed their outrage at her statements. She, and other racists who agreed with her such as Justin van Vuuren and Chris Hart offered meaningless apologies in turn.
So often racists give qualified excuses and get away with the crime of racism which our Constitution prohibits. The time has come for the state to use its power to punish racists instead of lamenting it. The time has come also for all South Africans to act on racism and racists instead of expressing mere outrage. NADEL calls upon government and fellow South Africans to take the following steps against racists and racism committed by individuals and institution:
• The state must announce that no organ of state or body will enter into business with a racist or racist institution;
• All organs of state or bodies that currently have business connections with racists or racist institutions must review them with a view to terminating such business connection;
• All media, especially the public broadcaster, must embark on naming and shaming campaigns by showing the face and comments of racists or symbols of their businesses;
• Institutions of learning must hold regular assemblies to speak against racism and name and shame racists from all walks of life; and
• Fellow citizens must actively distance themselves from racists and boycott their businesses where applicable.

It is only through active campaigns that society can rid itself of racists. Unfortunately there are people who still believe that self-serving apologies are a cure for racism. There are also those who disingenuously call upon black people to ignore racists and racism and “move on.” The solution is for the employers of the likes of Sparrow, Hart and Van Vuuren to dismiss them for advocacy of hatred that is based on race.

By: Gcina Malindi - NADEL Publicity Secretary- 0795234508
Patrick Ndumiso Jaji -NADEL Secretary General - 0737183830

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