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NADEL congratulates the IEC on successful free and fair Local Government Elections

09 Aug 2016
The National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) congratulates the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) on successfully delivering Local Government Elections that were free and fair. We applaud further all South Africans who, despite the cold weather, came out in their numbers to cast their vote and all political role players for adhering to electoral processes.

We are of a firm view that the election results are a true reflection of the will of the people. Indeed democracy is alive in South Africa. That being said, we call upon those elected into office to take seriously the mandate given to them by the people and to govern in a manner that is service orientated, transparent and accountable.
We note, with concern that only 58% of registered voters voted in these elections and further that only 77% of eligible voters registered to vote. We urge all those who, despite being eligible to vote, did not vote in these elections, to ensure that they vote in the upcoming elections in 2019. Voting ensures the realisation of a fundamental principal of democracy, the rule of the majority, and as such is a right that people living in democratic societies should prioritise.

By: Memory Sosibo
Publicity Secretary, NADEL Executive Committee,
Contact: 081 710 7910


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