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Press release archive


1 December 2012 LSSA pays tribute to the late former Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson; one of the great lawyers of our time. Read press release. (PDF - 27KB)
1 November 2012 LSSA says taxpayers should not carry the burden of the Marikana Commission of Inquiry alone. Read press release. (PDF - 158KB)
17 October 2012 LSSA welcomes  North Gauteng High Court: Pretoria judgment declareing CCMA rule 25(1)(a)unconstitutional. Read press release. Download judgment. (PDF - 151KB)
(PDF - 253KB)
9 October 2012 LSSA calls for greater consistency in sentencing by South African courts. This is particularly important in cases dealing with sentences imposed on rapists and sexual abusers. Read press release. (PDF - 29KB)
6 September 2012 Attorneys to draft free wills during National Wills Week: 17 to 21 September 2012. Read press release. (PDF - 48KB)
21 August 2012 LSSA supposts Government assurance that postmortems are to be carried out on the deceased victims of the Marikana Mine tragedy. Read press release. (PDF - 25KB)
17 August 2012 LSSA expresses grave concern at the use of live ammunition against striking workers at Marikana and shock at loss of life. Read press release. (PDF - 29KB)
17 August 2012 LSSA welcomes the appointment of Cape Town attorney Taswell Papier as administrator of the Estate Agency Affairs Board. Read press release. (PDF - 27KB)
8 August 2012 LSSA congratulates Navi Pillay on extension of her mandate as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Read press release (PDF - 27KB)
8 August 2012 LSSA welcomes Council to combat gender-based violence. Read press release (PDF - 27KB)
24 July 2012 LSSA congratulates Dr Dlamini-Zuma on AU post; urges her to provide leadership against dictatorships, tyranny and attacks on democratic institutions on the African continent. Read press release (PDF - 32KB)
11 July 2012 Joint press release by the LSSA and GCB on the Lergal Practice Bill. Read press release. (PDF - 36KB)
22 May 2012 LSSA welcomes Legal Practice Bill; committs to working with other stakeholders. Read press release. (PDF - 26KB)
14 May 2012 LSSA saddened and shocked at tragic death of former Co-Chairperson, Edward Mvuseni Ngubane. Read press release (PDF - 23KB)
3 May 2012 LSSA condemns muted response to attacks against prosecutor (PDF - 23KB)
17 April 2012 LSSA and Competition Commission resolve to continue engagement: Joint press statement (PDF - 731KB)
2 April 2012 Govender and Stemmett elected to lead attorneys' profession (PDF - 38KB)
16 March 2012 LSSA expresses shock at inhumane treatment of rearrested escapees (PDF - 25KB)
10 February 2012 LSSA notes judgment on the unconstitutionality of conferral of SC status by the President (PDF - 26KB)


19 December 2011 LSSA saddened by the death of Land Claims Court Judge President Fikile Bam. (PDF - 147KB)
27 November 2011 LSSA heartened by the announcement that the National Council of Provinces will set up an ad hoc committee to deal with the Protection of State Information Bill. (PDF - 26KB)
6 October 2011 The LSSA has added its voice to the utmost alarm expressed by the SADC Lawyers Association (SADCLA), the Law Society of Swaziland and other civil society organisations at the clear contempt for the rule of law and the debasement of Swaziland’s judicial system (PDF - 26KB)
18 September 2011 The LSSA has welcomed President Jacob Zuma's decision to appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of wrongdoing in the Strategic Defence Procurement Packages (PDF - 24KB)
29 September 2011 National Wills Week Advisory (PDF - 66KB)
29 August 2011 Three young South African attorneys head for New York to join major commercial firms for one-year exchange programme (PDF - 76KB)
22 August 2011 LSSA concerned about breakdown on rule of law and good governance in Swaziland judiciary (PDF - 24KB)
6 July 2011 LSSA gravely concerned at arrest threat against Public Protector (PDF - 25KB)
26 June 2011 LSSA pays tribute to the later Prof Kader Asmal:  (PDF - 142KB)
5 June 2011 LSSA pays tribute to Mama Albertina Sisulu (PDF - 26KB)
15 April 2011 LSSA urges speedy investigation by Public Protector of allegations against Minsiter Schiceka (PDF - 23KB)
15 April 2011 LSSA expresses shock and disgust at SAPS brutality in Ficksburg (PDF - 26KB)
8 April 2011 LSSA saddened at untimely death of Judge President Herbert Msimang (PDF - 137KB)
7 April 2011 Matlala and Sham head LSSA (PDF - 148KB)
3 April 2011 LSSA calls for respect for courts and for judicial officers (PDF - 27KB)
14 March 2011 LSSA to continue its engagement with the Competition Commission (PDF - 190KB)
4 March 2011 LSSA urges speedy explanation  for SAPS incursion at Office of Public Protector (PDF - 136KB)


26 November 2010 LSSA welcomes Concourt ruling on right to proper medical care for road accident victims (PDF - 30KB)
22 November 2010 LSSA welcomes LLB review - repeats concerns about law graduates' lack of basic skills (PDF - 36KB)
24 August 2010 LSSA welcomes election of SA attorneys as President of SADC Lawyers Association (PDF - 23KB)
6 August 2010 LSSA concerned at threat to media freedom and right to access to information (PDF - 36KB)
4 August 2010 LSSA to challenge constitutionality of RAF Amendment Act in the Constitutional Court on 12 August 2010 (PDF - 36KB)
9 June 2010 Attorneys ready to assist with expeditious functioning of World Cup Courts (PDF - 30KB)
27 April 2010 LSSA launches constitutional appeal to RAF Amendment Act and Regulations (PDF - 37KB)
12 April 2010 New LSSA Co-Chairpersons -- Horn and Boqwana -- to focus on finalisation of Legal Practice Bill (PDF - 34KB)
30 March 2010 Attorneys' profession launches R30 million empowerment initiative -- the Attorneys Development Fund (PDF - 37KB)
1 March 2010 LSSA welcomes Pretoria High Court dismissal of joinder applications by Ministers of Finance and Health (PDF - 26KB)
25 February 2010 Advisory: LSSA to challenge constitutionality of RAF Amendment Act and regulations (PDF - 36KB)
22 February 2010 LSSA welcomes review of LLB degree (PDF - 26KB)
14 February 2010 LSSA urges Justice Minister to reconsider Mpshe appointment to the Bench. (PDF - 27KB)


14 October 2009 LSSA welcomes Concourt judgment ensuring speedy and effective enforcement of judgments against government departments (PDF - 30KB)
1 October 2009 LSSA congratulates Justice Ngcobo on his appointment as Chief Justice (PDF - 25KB)
29 September 2009 Road accident victims apply to court to join LSSA challenge to RAF Amendment Act (PDF - 43KB)
2 September 2009 LSSA supports independence, impartiality and dignity of the judiciary and the courts (PDF - 1KB)
18 August 2009 Attorneys to provide free legal advice during National Attorneys Week: 7 to 11 September 2009 (PDF - 46KB)
22 July 2009 LSSA opposes Government's request to delay citizens' rights to seize State property if costs orders against the State remain unpaid. (PDF - 31KB)
7 July 2009 LSSAwelcomes assurances of judicial independence by President and Justice Minister (PDF - 30KB)
29 June 2009 LSSA welcomes court order declaring unstamped court documents valid since repeal of Stamp Duties Act (PDF - 39KB)
10 June 2009 LSSA to pursue final court order against Road Accident Fund direct payment system (MS Word - 96KB)
25 May 2009 LSSA expresses grave concern at allegations of extra-judicial killings and torture in Botswana (PDF - 31KB)
11 May 2009 LSSA welcomes appointment of Jeff Radebe as Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development (PDF - 30KB)
6 April 2009 LSSA elects Poyo-Dlwati and Van Rooyen as Co-Chairpersons (PDF - 32KB)
11 February 2009 LSSA urges Pikoli parliamentary committee to respect separation of powers (PDF - 39KB)
26 February 2009 LSSA challenges constitutionality of Road Accident Fund Amendment Act which deprives accident victims of rights (PDF - 44KB)


12 December 2008 LSSA says President's decision to dismiss Pikoli appears to fail the test of rationality (PDF - 40KB)
26 September 2008 LSSA welcomes appointment of new Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Enver Surty (PDF - 30KB)
14 August 2008 New LSSA Co-Chairperson, Max Boqwana, to focus on challenges of profession (PDF - 39KB)
12 August 2008 LSSA repeats calls for respect for the judiciary and rejects allegations of racism (PDF - 30KB)
8 August 2008 LSSA granted interdict to stop Road Accident Fund direct payments (PDF - 32KB)
6 August 2008 LSSA expresses grave concern at ongoing attacks on the judiicary (PDF - 31KB)
29 July 2008 LSSA launches urgent court application to set aside unlawful Road Accident Fund changes (PDF - 31KB)
24 June 2008 LSSA and Fidelity Fund warn of attorneys targeted by fraud syndicate (PDF - 53KB)
5 June 2009 LSSA proud of new judges from its ranks (PDF - 29KB)
2 June 2008 LSSA urges JSC to deal with complaint against Judge President Hlophe expeditiously (PDF - 28KB)
22 May 2008 LSSAcalls for urgent measures to deal with xenophobic attacks (PDF - 30KB)
9 May 2008 LSSA calls for holistic solution to scourge of crime (PDF - 30KB)
1 May 2008 LSSA calls for respect for human rights and rule of law in Zimbabwe on release of election results (PDF - 29KB)
8 April 2008 LSSA elects Saldanha and Fourie as Co-Chairpersons (PDF - 44KB)
29 February 2008 LSSA says rights of Free State racism victims must be asserted (PDF - 30KB)
21 February 2008 LSSA comments on disbandment of 'Scorpions' and related events (PDF - 34KB)
29 January 2008 LSSA calls for restoration of rule of law in Kenya (PDF - 29KB)