Master’s Office PEAS and PEAST systems

The Paperless Estate Administration System (PEAS) and Paperless Estate Administration System for Trusts (PEAST) have been implemented at various Masters’ offices. This entails that, although documents have to be submitted to the Master’s Office in the usual manner, the information on the documents is thereafter physically captured on the Master’s system. After such capture has been completed, all the documents are scanned and stored digitally. This will be useful in cases where the Master’s file cannot be located.

The two systems – PEAS and PEAST – have been implemented at the following Master’s offices:
Cape Town

PEAS has also been implemented at the Nelspruit and Durban Master’s Office and it is envisaged that PEAST will be implemented in those offices during 2014.
PEAST has been implemented at the Master’s offices at Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown.
The roll-out of PEAS at the Mafikeng, Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth Master’s offices is scheduled for the period 13 January 2014 to 7 Frbruary 2014 and, subject to all systems being functional, it is envisaged that the offices mentioned will be fully operational on both systems as from 10 February 2014.

Links to more information on the PEAS and PEAST programme methodology and the new application forms:

ICSM Master’s Office – Deceased Estates: PEAS (Paperless Estate Administration System) Presentation (PDF – 498KB)
ICSM Master’s Office – Inter Vivos Trusts: PEAST (Paperless Estate Administration System – Trusts) Presentation (PDF – 632KB)
Trust Registration & Amendments Form (Inter-Vivos) Sample e-form (PDF – 673KB)
Undertaking by Auditor/Accountant (Inter-Vivos Trust) Sample e-form (PDF – 155KB)
Acceptance of Trusteeship by Trustee (Inter-Vivos Trust) Sample e-form (PDF – 173KB)
Beneficiaries Declaration Sample e-form (PDF – 185KB)
ICSM Masters Trust Phase 1 Pietermaritzburg Pilot Project Presentation (PDF – 151KB)