Legal Practitioners Development Fund

The Legal Practitioners Development Fund (LPDF) is an independent Section 21 company established in 2011 and constituted by the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund, the Law Society of South Africa, the Black Lawyers Association, Nadel and the Legal Practice Council.
A board of directors which is made up of representatives from each of the above organisations governs the LPDF.
The main focus of the LPDF is to provide selected office resources to law firms (mainly sole practitioners) by purchasing these resources on behalf of the law firms. The selected firms then repay the LPDF for these resources over a prescribed period on an interest free basis and the moneys repaid will be used for future beneficiaries.
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Tel: Direct:+27 (0)12 366 8800 or 084 740 4100 or
Physical Address:304 Brooks Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria
P.O.Box:P O Box 36626, Menlo Park 0102, Docex 82, Pretoria