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2016 Fidelity Fund certificate applications to be done online

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Attorneys Fidelity Fund

Fidelity Fund Certificates

Practitioners are required to obtain an Attorneys Fidelity Fund Certificate each year. This certificate, without which one is not permitted to practise, is issued on behalf of the Fund by a practitioner’s statutory law society upon receipt of a completed application form.

Application procedure and guidelines

Banking Options

Trust current account banking is regulated by section 78(1) of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979. The Attorneys Fidelity Fund  and the profession have negotiated special arrangements on a national basis with most of the commercial banks.
Special arrangements

Refunds to practitioners – Trust Account Costs

Practitioners are entitled to reclaim from the Attorneys Fidelity Fund (via their law society) their trust account bank charges and the cost of their trust audit fees.
Refunds information and guidelines

Bursaries for attorneys and candidate attorneys for further study
E-mail: Mr Shawn Africa at
or telephone (021) 424 4608.

Contact the Attorneys Fidelity Fund

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