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23 March 2017 LSSA Newsletter: March 2017
30 November 2016 LSSA Advisory: Seventh plenary meeting of the National Forum on the Legal Profession
22 November 2016 LSSA Newsletter: November 2016
16 November 2016 LSSA Advisory: LSSA to oppose Proxi Smart proposed conveyancing-related business model
27 September 2016 LSSA Newsletter: September 2016
5 September 2016 LSSA Advisory: National Forum to propose separate voters' rolls for first election of the Legal Practice Council
12 July 2016 LSSA Advisory: Thank you for registering for National Wills Week - 12 to 16 September 2016
13 June 2016 LSSA Advisory: Register to participate in National Wills Week - Registration deadline: 15 June 2016
25 April 2016 LSSA Advisory: Legal Practice Act: First recommendations emerge from National Forum deliberations
23 March 2016 LSSA Advisory: Apply to participate in the ILFA secondment placement programme by 4 April 2016
22 March 2016 LSSA advisory: LSSA to host Summit on Briefing Patterns in the Legal Profession on 31 March 2016
29 February 2016 LSSA advisory: Rules for the Attorneys' Profession come into operation on 1 March 2016
27 January 2016 LSSA advisory: National Forum on the Legal Profession meeting on 23 January 2016
22 December 2015 Scam alert - Scamster purporting to have paid funds from the LSSA incorrectly into law firm bank account and conveyancing trust account scam
 3 November 2015 LSSA advisory 3: 2016 Fidelity Fund certificate online portal available
 8 October 2015 LSSA advisory 2: 2016 Fidelity Fund certificate applications to be done online
29 September 2015 LSSA advisory: 2016 Fidelity Fund certificate applications to be done online
21 September 2015 Advisory: National Forum on the Legal Profession meeting of 19 September 2015
4 August 2015 Advisory: Second meeting of the National Forum on the Legal Profession 18 July 2015
5 February 2015 Advisory: Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014 - Implementation of Parts 1 and 2 of Chapter 10 on 1 February 2015
31 October 2013 Advisory: Delay in submission of SARS IT3(b) forms.
6 November 2012 Advsiory: New transfer duty system – Deadline extended to 30 November 2012
1 November 2012 Advisory: LSSA publishes its comments on the Legal Practice Billl
30 May 2012 Advisory by the AIIF on conveyancing scams. Read advisory
18 May 2012 Legal Practice Bill published: Attorneys invited to comment. Read advisory.
26 November 2010 Advisory by the LSSA Co-Chairpersons on the Road Accident Fund Amendment Act constitutional challenge judgment. Read advisory.
3 August 2010 Financial Intelligence Centre: Postponement of the commencement date for Cash Threshold Reporting (CTR) under section 28 of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (FIC Act). Read press release.
27 May 2010 Competition Commission: The LSSA has received a response from the Competition Commission to the application for exemption of the professional rules of the statutory provincial law societies, which are members of the LSSA. The LSSA has met with the Competition Commission and it was agreed that the LSSA will engage with the Commission on specific rules and proposed legislative amendments, and that there will be consultation with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. The process of engagement will be conducted on an urgent basis. Thereafter, the decision of the Commission will be gazetted. Read advisory 1. Read Advisory 2.



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